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Our collection is dedicated to the study of World War II Admirals and General Officers and to tell their stories while preserving their original uniforms, flags, and medals.

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General Clayton Bissell

During WWI while flying with the 22nd and 41st Aero Squadron Clayton Bissell earned the title of "Ace" with 5 confirmed kills. During WWII he was first put in command of all American Air Forces in India, Burma, and China and commanded all U.S. combat aviation in that theatre. When the 14th A.F. was activated under General Chennault General Bissell was placed in command of the 10th Air Force and remained  there until August of 1943. General Chennault and General Bissell had many "run ins" and frankly did not get along primarily due to Bissell's treatment of the A.V.G. and Chiang Kai-shek's admiration for Chennault beleiving he (Chennault) should be in charge, these attitudes lead to General Bissell's removal. General Bissell went on to serve as the cheif of staff for intellignce at Air Force Headquarters Washington D.C.

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