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Our collection is dedicated to the study of World War II Admirals and General Officers and to tell their stories while preserving their original uniforms, flags, and medals.

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Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey

On July 1, 1934 Bill Halsey arrived at Pensacola Naval Air Station to begin his aviation training. Captain Halsey was determined to play it straight having no favoritism or accepting any special treatment to earn his wings. Halsey was due to take command of the carrier Saratoga which meant he would have to speed up his fight training. Rather than taking a “lesser” course during his last 28 days he spent more than eighty hours in the air. On May 15, 1935 the commandant of the Pensacola Naval Air Station pinned the wings on Halsey making him a true naval aviator, and the oldest individual at age 52, to complete the course. William Halsey has been marked as one of the U.S. Navy's top carrier commanders; he was promoted to rear admiral on March 1, 1938. Vice Admiral in 1940, Admiral in 1942, and Fleet Admiral in December of 1945.  

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